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The New England Regional Turfgrass Research Trust (NERTRT) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was created to fund turfgrass research through fund raising activities or voluntary contributions. Individuals who wish to contribute to the NERTRT are allowed to deduct either all or a portion of the amount that is contributed to the trust.

Other fundraising activities by the NERTF such as the Live Auction, the Silent Auction and Tee-Up New England contribute to the NERTRT research fund. All types of turf management research project funding will then be done by the trust to area turfgrass research facilities in New England. Each year the NERTRT produces and distributes a research newsletter to share current information on turfgrass research that is being done within the New England Region.


The NERTRT is another tool to help support the Turfgrass Industry in the New England Region by supporting their turfgrass institutions efforts in research, education and extension.  The Trust’s objective is to work hand and hand with universities and industry members by sharing research information through NE Turf News newsletter.  All other actions taken by the NERTRT are done in the hope of strengthening the Turfgrass Industry in and throughout the New England and surrounding region.

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